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Good Laboratory Practices

Training Manual & Video Series

Richard Fethiere

What are best practices for running and managing a laboratory? Here we present two formats as guides. The first format is a manual about Good Laboratory Management: Training Manual for Trainers. This manual provides a step-by-step guide for a five-day training course. 

The second format is a series of 10 short videos. These videos were filmed at a working lab at the University of Florida. The instructor is this lab's manager: Richard Fethiere (pictured here). He shows you essential elements of the laboratory and guiding principles for management.

Where to start?

Students and those who are new to laboratory settings may wish to begin with the videos. The first video provides an introduction, and the other videos may be selected in any order. Collectively they offer a "Laboratory 101" overview.

Teachers and laboratory managers will be able to use the manual to prepare for classes or an introductory course. Click here for additional information about the manual. For related resources and support, visit our section for Local Capacity Development.

Parlez-vous français? Click here for instructions on how to show French captions on YouTube videos.

Video Series: Good Laboratory Management

The 10 videos presented below are also available as a playlist on YouTube.

Video 1: Good Laboratory Management: Introduction


Video 2: Good Laboratory Management: Tour of Lab


Video 3: Good Laboratory Management: Standard Operating Procedures


Video 4: Good Laboratory Management: The Role of Administrators and Decision-Makers in Laboratory Management


Video 5: Good Laboratory Management: Buildings and Lab Design


Video 6: Good Laboratory Management: Equipment maintenance


Video 7: Good Laboratory Management: Data Management


Video 8: Good Laboratory Management: Lab Safety


Video 9: Good Laboratory Management: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Video 10: Good Laboratory Management: Safety Documentation and Equipment

These videos are available as a playlist on YouTube.

Good Laboratory Management: Training Manual for Trainers

Note: Within this manual, Lecture Notes and “slides” refer to presentations. These slides may become available in the future. We apologize for this inconvenience.

This 92-page manual, Good Laboratory Management: Training Manual for Trainers, is freely available as a PDF file, and it may be printed and distributed. It should not be sold. 

The main sections of the manual cover the following:

  • Goals and objectives
  • Agendas for 5 days of training
  • Session plans for 5 days of training
  • Activities and handouts
  • Readings (in English and French) from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • Training evaluation

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