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Enabling Environment

The aim of this cross-cutting theme is to assess and enhance the national context for supporting livestock policies and institutions. We will work with diverse stakeholders in all five target countries to identify and address knowledge gaps, promote effective mechanisms for dialogue and consultation, and convene engaging platforms for information and knowledge sharing to support the formulation or implementation of policies that improve the performance and sustainability of livestock systems.

In particular, we will:

  • Support policy processes:
    • Strengthen the capacity of researchers and in-country actors for communicating key research findings more effectively to policy makers and contributing to ongoing policy dialogues.
    • Work closely with local actors to develop a partnership model directed at creating and strengthening sustainable networks between livestock sector stakeholders with particular attention to private sector engagement.
  •  Conduct technical analyses:
    • Evaluate and monitor the extent to which research activities supported by the Lab contribute to building multi-stakeholder partnerships and enabling environments in selected target countries.
    • Conduct political economy analyses or other expert reviews of the impact of existing or potential policies on animal-source food production, food safety, and consumption.

The work builds on Phase I partnerships and seeks to collaborate with other initiatives, including the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy Research, Capacity, and Influence.

This theme collaborates with all three areas of inquiry as well as the other cross cutting themes. For example, it will help create more inclusive opportunities for women and youth to participate in stakeholder meetings and to inform policy making.  

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Engaging Stakeholders Course

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The Enabling Environment team is led by Dr. Renata Serra.


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This work was funded in whole or part by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Bureau for Resilience and Food Security under Agreement # AID-OAA-L-15-00003 as part of Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Livestock Systems.  Additional funding was received from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation OPP#1175487.  Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed here are those of the authors alone.