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Burkina Faso and Niger

Enabling Value Chains to Create Sustainable Income for Vulnerable People in Crop-Livestock Systems of Burkina Faso and Niger

Principal investigator (PI) and lead institution

Dr. Vincent Bado, International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT)

Co-PI and collaborator institutions



Rainfed agriculture and livestock support the vast majority of people living in rural Burkina Faso and Niger. Yet research to support these vulnerable populations has been lacking. This project takes a comprehensive approach to investigate how connected crop and livestock systems affect the development of more productive and equitable markets.

The project seeks to contribute to food security and poverty alleviation by improving the value chains of crop-livestock systems related to small ruminants. It applies the Innovation Platform approach to unite stakeholders in the pursuit of transformational learning and best practices. Youth and women in particular are targeted for training and interventions for income-generating enterprises.

Taking a regional approach across two Sahelian countries, the three-year project will employ a co-principal investigator in each country, and it will collaborate with the on-going USAID-funded initiative on Resilience and Economic Growth in the Sahel–Enhanced Resilience (REGIS-ER) in Burkina and Niger.


The goal of the project is to increase production of animal-source food through the integrated management of crop-livestock systems with participation of small ruminant livestock keepers. Specific objectives are:

  1. Development of inclusive crop-livestock value chains and conducive policy environments
  2. Development of improved feed and feeding systems to improve animal health and animal-source food
  3. Participative development of improved scenarios of crop-livestock farming systems, which enhance resilience, productivity, and sustainability, and increase participation of youth and women in income-generating enterprises.

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Photo credit: V. Bado/ICRISAT

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