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From Herds to Households: Unpacking the challenges and benefits around animal-source foods

For mothers who want to raise healthy children, the issue of nutrition is paramount. Yet many remain unaware of which foods promote nutritional benefits.  Not all foods are created equal.

In communities where subsistence farmers raise much of what they eat, how much emphasis should be placed on consuming milk and other animal-source foods? How much potential does it have to improve nutritional status? 

Join our panel of experts for a discussion about the challenges and benefits of animal-source foods. In this live webinar, you will hear perspectives about human nutrition, behavioral change, and livestock production, including sustainability issues. After a lively discussion, you will be able to ask questions of our experts.

The webinar will focus on animal-source food and livestock being raised by smallholders in the developing world. The moderator and two speakers are affiliated with the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Livestock Systems:

  • Moderator: Ms. Ladd, Senior Technical Director for Nutrition, ACDI/VOCA 
  • Geoffrey E. Dahl, Harriet B. Weeks Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida
  • Sarah McKune, Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental and Global Health and the Center for African Studies, University of Florida

Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Livestock Systems is part of Feed the Future

This work was funded in whole or part by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Bureau for Resilience, Environment and Food Security under Agreement # AID-OAA-L-15-00003 as part of Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Livestock Systems. Additional funding was received from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation OPP#060115.  Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed here are those of the authors alone.