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Future Livestock Systems

Future Livestock Systems research seeks to ease the transition from traditional livestock systems, which struggle to address increased demands for food, to systems that foster equitable wealth, food security, and nutrition. Its modeling and analytical tools are useful to evaluate technologies, inform management scenarios, and develop accurate models for the future. With information based on thoughtful analysis of complex local to regional choices, policymakers and other stakeholders can seek solutions to meet the needs of dynamic populations.

The “What If” Approach

Our approach to the Future Livestock Systems area combines modeling and geospatial analysis of local development scenarios in regional settings. We conduct workshops on scenario building that guide participants to ask “what if” their region experiences changes in its climate, economy, governance, and other driving factors of social transformation. Through collaboration and support of students and aspiring researchers, we plan to develop the capacity of modelers in each country who can develop the field of future systems research.

The Power of Prediction

For vulnerable populations, understanding potential macro-scale and local-scale drivers in animal source foods systems will help them pursue equitable and sustainable futures. Understanding potential future trends and adaptation responses can aid policy, production, and market research as well as contribute to human and institutional capacity development (HICD) efforts to create more equitable wealth, food security, and nutrition. Scenario analysis and modeling tools are used to help determine (1) what is needed to reduce vulnerability, improve nutrition, and increase incomes; (2) what policies, practices and technologies will help to make this happen; and (3) which policies, practices and technologies can most effectively be implemented within uncertain present and future conditions.

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The Future Livestock Systems team is led by Dr. Gregory Kiker and Dr. Philip K. Thornton.

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