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Linking Cattle Nutrition to Human Nutrition: A Value Chain Approach to Improving the Production, Handling, and Consumption of Animal Source Foods in Ethiopia

Principal Investigators (PIs) and Lead Institution

Dr. Jessie Vipham and Dr. Dustin L. Pendell, Kansas State University

Co-PI and Collaborator Institutions

Hawassa University, Oda Bultum University (Haramaya University), Ethiopian Institute of Agriculture Research, Texas Tech University, Sustainable Intensification Innovation Lab, Texas Tech University, Sorghum and Millet Innovation Lab, Africa RISING/International Livestock Research Institute, ACDI VOCA, Verde Beef, Digital Green, Ethiopia Public Health Institute, Ethiopia Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute, Eden-Field Agri-seed Enterprise, Project Mercy.


The overall research objective of this project is to create a systems-based research approach that strengthens linkages between improved animal-source food production and consumption practices and human nutrition outcomes in Ethiopia.  The goal is to identify, in a qualitative and quantitative manner, the pathways between agriculture interventions and nutritional outcomes. The project implements a systems-based research approach that will define and quantify linkages between the various activity domains, including the creation of a conceptual framework, based on quantifiable data collected from each research domain. Focus of the research will be on highland crop-livestock systems and smallholder commercial dairies, which prevail in urban and peri-urban areas.  Forage on-station research will be conducted at Melkassa, and on-farm trial locations will be chosen based on input from collaborators. Cattle nutrition trials will be held in Hawassa and ChaCha.  Collaboration with on-farm research will focus on the areas of influence of Africa RISING.

The domains, and their researchable questions and objectives include the following:

Photo credit: Jessie Vipham

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