Feed the Future




Enhancing production, quality and consumption of milk for income and improved nutrition in Rwanda

Principal Investigator (PI) and Lead Institution

Dr. Emily Ouma, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

Co-PI and Collaborator Institutions

RTI International, University of Rwanda, TechnoServe


Increasing the quality, marketing, and consumption of ASF, including milk, is an important research for development priority for Rwanda. Rwanda’s dairy industry is recognized by the GoR as a strategic sector that can improve incomes and nutrition of poor households. The aim of the project is to contribute to efforts aimed at enhancing the quality and consumption of milk for improved income and nutrition in Rwanda. The proposed project draws upon the work and lessons of a previous GoR program, the One Cow per Poor Family (Girinka) program, and an ongoing USAID Feed the Future funded program - Rwanda Dairy Competitiveness Program (RDCP II).

Specific research objectives include the following:

Knowledge gained during the study will be disseminated using a variety of strategies, including stakeholder meetings, dairy cooperative meetings, and through publications and international conferences.

Photo credit: Emily Ouma


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