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Role of Gender in Livestock Systems Research

Women often manage livestock but do not own them in the target countries. Many of them also lack authority over the proceeds of livestock production systems and they lack access to extension services. Because of this, all activities of the Livestock Systems Innovation Lab integrate gender dimensions.

Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD)

HICD efforts aim to develop the professional capacity of scientists and students and the capacity of institutions for efficient leadership and administration. This includes short-term training for value chain actors, long-term degree training for target-country students, and development of institutional capacity in areas such as curriculum enhancement, leadership, financial management, etc.

Human Health and Nutrition

Livestock production affects nutrition by contributing to food production, income generation, and women’s empowerment. All activities of the Livestock Systems Innovation Lab should emphasize improving human health and nutrition via increased consumption of ASF.


Animal-Source Foods (ASF) Production and Marketing

This AOI employs a multidisciplinary, integrated approach to develop location-appropriate nutrition, genetic, lactation, reproduction, management, health, and ASF processing or preservation technologies that will enhance livestock production and ASF consumption.

Livestock Disease Management and Food Safety

Supports, strengthens and expands existing One-Health research and training platforms and relevant projects to improve surveillance, reduce disease burdens, and increase ASF safety.

Enabling Policies for Livestock

This AOI facilitates development and supports implementation of polices that enhance the production, marketing and consumption of ASF. Efforts focus on improved availability of quality livestock inputs, services, and markets as well as introducing or strengthening those aimed at risk management, disease surveillance, food safety, etc.

Future Livestock Systems

This AOI uses mechanistic models and analytical tools to examine how ASF production systems may be affected by emerging challenges or improved by introduced technologies. It particularly examines livestock system responses to proposed interventions in the context of changes in climate, demographics, agriculture, markets, and infrastructure.

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